How to disable inner links for modules

For deal and coupon sites where you don’t have a lot of content on inner pages, sometimes, it’s better to disable inner links at all. So, all links from grid on homepage will go to external sites.

To do this, go to  theme option – general – Enable affiliate links from title and image in grid?  and enable this option. It’s available only for Recash, Rewise, Rething, Repick child themes. Repick theme also has option to have separate links from title and from image and it’s available in  Theme option – Repick settings 

If you need the same for woocommerce products, this option is under  theme option – shop settings – Enable affiliate links instead inner? 

Theme option is working globally, if you need such logic only for custom page and not globally, you can enable next option in page builder module (Make link as Affiliate)