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Overall description

REHub theme has a really powerful system for creating affiliate stores and websites. The most unique feature is a hybrid system with many relations between affiliate stores, review posts, comparisons, products. Let’s talk about different ways of affiliate settings.

First of all, you need to answer on some questions. How many affiliate products do you have? How often do you plan to change prices, links of products? Does your product has only one link or lists of affiliate links? Do you want to create separate product page or not? Do you want to auto update prices with some plugins?

Theme provides different ways of Affiliate options. Post offer section in post, connecting posts to WooCommerce offers, creating offers with Content Egg and Affiliate Egg plugin

Post offer section – good if you want to have logic “post as offer“. You can insert offers manually or use plugin WP All In One import to bulk import product feeds.

WooCommerce offers are like store on your site. Each WooCommerce product can be external or you can sell it on your site. Each offer has it’s own separate page, has some additional functions, like printable coupons. You can mix products which you will sell on your site with external products. WooCommerce also has many plugins which can add more functions. For example, you can use Woozone to import Amazon deals. All plugins which works with WooCommerce, will work with theme.

Offers with Content Egg plugin is most easy way and recommended. It has tons of output designs, offers can have comparison lists, grids, slider, carousel or single product box. This plugin searches different content across all enabled modules and output your chosen items on site. There are two versions of plugin: free and paid. Both of them are similar, difference only in number of modules. Free version has Amazon, Youtube, Pixabay, ClickBank, manual Offer.

Paid version has also Ebay, Aliexpress, CJ, Zanox, Affili.net, Linkshare, Shareasale, Flickr, Google Books, Google News, Twitter, Yandex Market, VK.com, LinkShare, Affiliate Window, Flipkart, Paytm, OptimiseMedia, ImpactRadius and others. You can read more about Content Egg PRO here

Affiliate Egg is another good way to add offers to post or page. It has tons of output designs, offers can have comparison lists, grids, slider, carousel or single carts. The main difference with Content Egg, that Affiliate Egg works with web version of shops. It’s useful for shops which have good affiliate program, but don’t have API and don’t work with any affiliate system. You can see supported shops on page. You can read more about plugin here. With Affiliate Egg you don’t depend on API of affiliate systems.


There are many ways to use affiliate theme functions, sometimes people don’t know what to choose, so I can give some recommendations. First of all, you must know source of your affiliate earnings. It can be affiliate system or direct affiliate program. If you have small number of offers and you don’t plan to update theme very often – just use Post offer section in post editor page.

If you earn money with affiliate system (like CJ, Affiliate Window, etc) you can use our Content Egg plugin (but some modules are paid) or use XML feeds of system and WP All In One Import plugin.

Many people use Amazon – and for such cases we added free version of Content Egg

If you still have problem about choosing correct way – write to use. And now, let’s talk more about each way

New!!! From 6.2.9 version of theme we added extended combination (Theme + Content Egg + Affiliate Egg). Currently, this is very powerful way to create comparison, review, affiliate websites even on autopilot.

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