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Post offer section

Post offer section is main option for Deal sites on Rehub theme. There are few ways to use this section.

Gutenberg block

From 11 version of theme we added Gutenberg blocks, there are many blocks which can be helpful for affiliate sites. You can add single offer via Gutenberg blocks or multiple. There are also Offer listing modules. Check demo or find video how it works

How to save offer data to Post offer section

If your site is deal site (when you have only one offer per one post), you can use direct fields in Post offer section.

The main different between Post offer section and Gutenberg blocks is that Post offer section saves data in Post meta, so, this data is also visible in archives and you can use special Post layouts. Anyway, when you add Post offer Gutenberg block, you can also autopopulate it to Post offer section (it’s described in video).

Starting from WordPress 5.4 version, Post Edit section is full width by default, so, all panels are hidden. You can simply enable them in top right corner.

Now, you can access to panels. Open Post Offer section

In post offer section you can add price, brand logo, coupons, image, date of ending of coupons, discount tag, also, coupons can have reveal function.

The most important part is Offer url. Without this url, offer section will not work as expected.

Next important fields are Price fields. There are Old and Sale Price fields. This allows you to add offer with discounts. All price fields support simple text. This means that you can add not only price, but also any other text, like “Free price”, “Download for free”, etc, but don’t add too long text, 5-10 symbols are recommended maximum

Name of product and description of product, thumbnail are optional fields. They are visible only in Offer shortcode, which you can copy in end of panel and place it to any part of site. Also, these fields are visible in Big offer Post layout

Once you add Post offer fields, they will be stored in Post. But they are not visible on your site. To show data of Post offer section, you must enable one of Deal Post layouts or simply copy shortcode from end of Post offer and place it in content. Here is example of shortcode

this will generate next block if you place shortcode on page

But, copying shortcode is not good way if you want to have Deal site. In most cases, you will need another way – Post layouts. Offer which added in Post offer section will be rendered automatically in Post in next Post Layouts (you can choose them in right panel): Compact, Button in corner (RePick style), Big post offer block in top, Offer and review score.

Coupon fields in Post offer section allow to add coupon to post, this will convert simple deal to Coupon deal. Check more about coupon functions of theme

Before you add prices, choose your correct price pattern in  Theme options   Localization .

Data from your fields also will be visible in post loop as button and price. Theme has several layouts of Posts archives, you can choose default layout in theme option – general. Some layouts, like deal grid, deal list will show data of Post offer section. However, some layouts like “Colored grid”, News list are made for magazine style and they don’t reflect Offer data

There is also a special Field Discount Tag in the Post offer section. This field replaces featured image with a price tag, like this

This can be very helpful, because sometimes, product feeds don’t have featured image, so, you can place any text there instead image and it will look great without image

Also, deal grid layout can be customized. You can choose what to show in deal grid layout in theme option – loop customization – Post Loop

Content Egg plugin

Another way to use affiliate functions of theme is Free version of plugin Content Egg. It can be installed from Rehub – plugins section

After activation, enable also Offer module. Then, go to Theme option – affiliate and enable Offer module for synchronization with post

Now, you can add offers from Content Egg and it will automatically populate data in Post offer section. Check our video how to use Content Egg here

You can use also many shortcodes of Content Egg, it has a lot of available output layouts. One good advantage of Content Egg is that you can make price updates. Also, you can update plugin to PRO version which has many ready modules

Shortcodes documentation

Offermodule documentation