Post offer section

If you want to add simple One offer to post – use Post offer section


In post offer section you can add price, brand logo, coupons, image, date of ending of coupons, also, coupons can have reveal function.

Offer which added in Post offer section will be rendered automatically in Post in next Post Layouts (you can choose them in right panel): Compact, Button in corner (RePick style), Big post offer block in top, Offer and review score. For other Post layouts you can use shortcode (see in the end of Offer section)

Before you add prices, choose your correct price pattern in  Theme options   Localization .

Data from your fields also will be visible in post loop as button and price.

Multiple offer list in post

If you want to add Multiple offers to post, I recommend you to use Offer Module of Content Egg plugin. It’s available in free version of plugin. You can add unlimited offers as list and even mix them with data from other modules. You can even add price update for such offers. You can find instruction for this in plugin’s manual. All functions and theme customizations for Content Egg plugin will work also for Offer module of Content Egg. Read more about theme’s functions for CE here.


Offerbox shortcode

Another way to inserting offer to post is using built in shortcode plugin.

Choose Offer Box shortcode and fill all fields. Please, don’t use many symbols in button text. Good example is “See offer“, “Buy this“.

Offer box with shortcode looks the same, but it has some differences. The main difference is that data from such shortcode is not visible to Post Exerpt (like in image above), also it doesn’t store data to Post prices, store, etc, mostly, it’s like static block which is not connected to post. Offerbox is also available from visual composer module.