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ThirstyAffiliate plugin (deprecated)

Attention! Deprecated from 4.6 version. This part of functions is still working in theme, but no supported anymore. This is because I found that Thirstyaffiliates offers is bad for some reasons. First of all – offers are not searchable from WordPress search. Use WooСommerce instead, because it has much powerful options and there are tons of plugins for WooCommerce.

From version 2.0 theme has bundled Affiliate Link Builder (plugin ThirstyAffiliate). This plugin can cloak your links and has many others good options. I created enhanced relations between this plugin and theme. First of all, you need to install it.

Click on link to begin installing plugin. After installing, activate plugin. Now, you can see new post type:

You can use affiliate link builder in two ways: as simple link cloaker and as affiliate offer builder. If you want use it only as link cloaker, just add in link only name and Destination URL. After saving you will get cloaked URL.

Also you can use it as offer builder. For this, you need to set all fields. After saving, you can choose affiliate link-offer in different options of theme. Each link will be not only cloaked link, but like full offer with name, description, brand, image, button and link.

For example, in product review, that I described early, you can choose this affiliate offer:

So, if you choose affiliate offer in this field, you don’t need to manually set all others fields below, because data for each field will be parsed from data of affiliate offer from affiliate link builder.

Another good option that I added from version 2.9 of theme – is image for category of links. Let me explain on example. Each offer has it’s own thumbnail:

You can add this thumbnail at this place:

First image from this field will be used as thumbnail. But very often people use for this thumbnail logo of shop, for example logo of Amazon or Ebay. So, you need to upload this logo to every affiliate link. But from version 2.9 you can upload this image not for each link offer but for each brand. For this, create new category for links. Each category will be brand or shop. For example, create category and name it “Ebay”.

Then insert link to image of brand logo:

If you want to use this logo as offer thumbnail, just don’t attach any image in link offer and set category with shop image.

How to create product review with affiliate offers list

Sometimes, you’d like to create product review that has many offers from different shops. No problem, REHub has such options. Just choose type of review – product review with affiliate links list:

Affiliate list has one description of product and unlimited number of offers.

Warning! Please, set manually your main currency on  Theme option   Reviews option   Main currency . Just add symbol, like “$”.
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