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Offer Hub pages

I think you found many examples of such pages in google when you search something like “best laptops of 2017” or similar searches.

We added many helpers in theme to help you create such type of pages.

How to make them?

First of all, there are some basic possible logic:

  1. When you have virtual products and all of them inside one page where you make offer set page. I call this Multi Offer post.
  2. When you have several products (which have separate page on your site) with offers inside each product and you include these products in one page. I call this Product Hub Page
  3. When you have separate reviews and you include review blocks inside one page. I call this Review Hub Page

All types of such pages can be extended with combination of Top Autocontent shortcodes

or simple Auto contents shortcode

Multi Offer post

Most easy way to add multiple offers to post is using Content Egg You can use bundled version. When you enable any module, you can choose any offer. Then, you can use search again (with any keyword) and add another offer to list and search again (unlimited times). After this, you will have list of offers. Then, choose output shortcode and click on left field to copy it

Click Ctrl + C (or Command + C) and copy shortcode. Insert in post. You will see that you have list of all offers in one block. But what if you have different products in this list and want to divide them? It’s very easy. Just add parameter next=1 to each shortcode. Here how it looks

Instead next, you can also use parameters offset, limit. Check all available

You can also use Offer Module of Content Egg to add any manual offer.

Additionally, you can use Shortcode generator and offerbox shortcode to add some manual blocks (including coupons)

Product Hub Page

This way differs from previous only by one thing. You don’t add offers directly inside your page or post. Instead of this, you have different posts/products for each product and then, you include them in your special page. We provide many shortcodes and templates which you can use to show your product hub page with different designs.

Including WooCommerce offer block

First way is when you want to have list of WooCommerce products or woocommerce offer box inside other page. To do this, use shortcode generator

and find next inside

Then, just type names of products which you want to include on page

You will see something like this in your page

Including Post offer

It’s the same as previous, but instead product, you include post (so, you must have Post offer inside post)

For this, use shortcode

[quick_offer id=242]

where 242 is ID of post

Including Big offer block with comparison widget

This is my favorite. It will add big image with review score and price widget. This block requires to have Content Egg offers inside post or product which you want to include. To easy add this block, use shortcode generator and choose Post/Product Offer Scorebox shortcode. In this shortcode you can type name of product and theme will find it on your site. Then, choose 

if you need to change title in this block (to make it different from post title), add parameter title=”Your title” to shortcode

Including Content Egg common blocks

Common blocks in Content Egg is block which combine all offers from all modules in one comparison block. You can also import them from different post/products on your page. Use the same shortcode as previous, but choose one of another Type

As you see, there are many available designs. Choose your own. You can find some examples here

You can even add price statistic if you want to add some more relevant content to page

Review Hub Page

it’s very similar to previous, but instead of importing offer blocks to page, you import review block to page. This is recommended for review websites. Here how it looks

As always, it’s very simple to add such block. Just use shortcode module Review list boxes

Top Tables, comparison charts

There are some additional ways to create such pages, for example, you can create custom top tables or charts and include them to another page with shortcode which you can find in end of panel when you create table





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