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Product sets or Product Hub

Imagine that you have several products on site and you want to create post or page with Set of different products. It’s easy with theme. Here some examples

Content Egg Price Comparison Block

If you use Content Egg in post or product, you can import whole block from other product to your page. Demo

To do this, use Shortcode generator

And use Shortcode Post\Product Offer Scorebox and just type name of product which you want to import to page

There are many block styles which you can import, like price list, widget, buttons and even price tracking graphs

If you need to change title in this block (to make it different from post title), add parameter title=”Your title” to shortcode

Woocommerce Block

You can also show inside page or post woocommerce compact block

First way is when you want to have list of WooCommerce products or woocommerce offer box inside other page. To do this, use shortcode generator

and find next inside

Then, just type names of products which you want to include on page

You will see something like this in your page

Better page Layout for Product Hub

If you want to create simple but effective Top Banner in page, you can use ready template from page builder

Template name is Rewise: Top Page Example

Don’t forget to enable Page for Layout Builder template in Page attributes to use Full width