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Add cashback Point system and User profiles

After setup of links and notices, it’s time to setup point system and Profiles. We will use it to show users how much cashback they can get and other important notices to user.

Profile setup is very easy – just install Buddypress. If you want to have only Profile system and don’t need any community functions, go to Settings – Buddypress and disable all modules except core modules.

Now, we will need a place where user can register. The simple way is from our special login Popup. Please, read our tutorial about login popup

For point system – install Mycred plugin

By default, Mycred will setup one point type. This point type will be available automatically in user Profile

It means that it will be Public and everyone can see it. If you don’t care, you can use this default points. But we will go further and explain how to make private points for cashback.

Go to Points – Settings – Point type and create Custom points for cashback. Once you save your new point type, you will have new option in admin panel for new point system where you can change labels, capabilities, etc

Now, copy key of created new point type and add it to  Theme option – Affiliate – Cashback options – Set key of Mycred points for cashback 

This will show cashback points for users on their Profile page, but this Block will be available only privately. Only users who are owner of profile can see this block with their available cashback points. You can also add some Hooks if you want to give user cashback not only for their purchases, but also for their activity.

If you set sub ID correctly in previous step, you will see which user purchased something on your site from your account statistic in affiliate network which you use. Then, you can search this user on your site, go to Users – all user and search by name

Then, you can adjust Points to this user

I always recommend to add something in Log entry, in this case, you will have History of points and can always track if something will be wrong


When you do payment for user, you can also deduct points. Just make adjusting of points, but add negative value to deduct them.

It’s not required to make payments for cashbacks. You can also use another approach and give users special roles and capabilities once they get special amount of points. You can give users ranks, you can set special pages with bonuses which are available only for users with special amount of points. You can give users roles or member types once they reach special point balance. Possibilities are really endless. Please, read our tutorial about Community and Point features for Rehub