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Add subid with user name to links

Most important but most easy part for cashback setup is adding subid to link. We will need subid to detect user who clicked on your link and purchased something on external shop. For this purpose, most of affiliate networks use Sub id in link parameters. It’s special part of link, for example, subid=22. Without this parameter, you can’t track user’s purchases and you can’t give users any cashback. You can know correct parameter for this in support or documentation of affiliate network which you plan to use for cashback.

So, to enable this function, go to  Theme option – Affiliate – Cashback Options  and enable this option

By default, we use common parameter as “subid=”. Please, make attention to symbol = in end. It’s common part to divide url parameter and value parameter. But it can be another in your network.

In some situations, you can use several networks on your site and subid part can be different. In this case, add subid with next syntax


Add each domain with custom different subid as separate line. Place domain of link in start and subid part in end and divide them by @

Place common subid on last line. It will be used if theme will not find domain for custom subid.

If you want to remove some domain from adding subid parameter, add them as domain.com@exclude

word “exclude” will mark such domain as excluded from adding of subid

Settings above means: IF link has domain amazon.com, theme will add myid=username in end of link. If link has ebay.com, theme will add subid=username in end. For all other links, theme will add affid=username in link