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Configuring Cashback Notices and Post Layouts

Archive Layouts

For cashback sites, we recommend to use our Rewise or Recash child themes. This is because these child themes have deal grid and deal list layouts as default layouts for categories. So, first step for you is enable them in  Theme option – general – category layout  and  Theme option – general – Blog Layout  and choose one of layout. For better presentation of deals and coupons – Deal grid is better, but if you want to have some cool community features like Hot Counter – use Lists.

You can also use Page builder on Homepage and add Lists or Deal grid

Don’t forget that each module has options where you can control number of columns, pagination type, filter panels, etc Deal grid module can also “Compact” type which you can enable in options of module. To open options – click on Pencil icon above module

Now, in each of your Post, you can add additional notice about Cashback (or any other notice).

For this, add short text to this place when you create post

It’s in right side of admin panel under Publish Button.

When you add this notice, it will be visible in archives

Another way to add notice for posts is to add Short Cashback notice inside your Store pages

Store cashback notices is global notices. It means that if deal doesn’t have any notice which you add inside Post, it will show notice from Store which is assigned to post.

By default, it’s simple text. Avoid to use long notices. Color of text can be set in  Theme option – appearance – Secondary Color  or via Customizer. You can also extend this text with icon. This is example of Money Icon code

.rh_custom_notice:before{font-family: Font Awesome\ 5 Pro;content: "\f645"; margin: 0 5px 0 0; font-weight:normal}

You can place this in theme options – general options – custom css.

This will show small dollar icon near text. You can use any other icon from site FontAwesome Click on any icon and you will see icon code in top of page.

Click on this code and replace f645 in code above. Also, you can set another color for icon with next code

.rh_custom_notice:before{font-family: Font Awesome\ 5 Pro;content: "\f645"; margin: 0 5px 0 0; font-weight:normal; color: green}

Post Inner Layout

Our theme has many Post Layouts. But best post layouts for deals and coupons are next:

  1. Compact (button before title) – demo 
  2. Compact (button after title) – demo 
  3. Big post offer block – demo 

You can read more info about Coupon Functions of theme 

Store Pages

All cashback sites also have special Store pages. This is example how it looks in our theme 

Go to next part and configure your store pages

How to show Custom cashback notice in Post content

You can use next shortcode

[wpsm_custom_meta field="_notice_custom" type="custom"]

In one of code areas in theme option – ads option to show value of cashback notice of post