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Settings for Store Pages and store lists

Store pages is one of important part for cashback functions. We added special custom pages for this. First of all, you must enable Store Taxonomy. For this, go to  Theme options – Affiliate – Enable Affiliate Store taxonomy for posts . You can also enable which Layout will be used on Store pages (List, Grid, Compact grid, etc) and taxonomy slug (it will be used in link, by default, it’s “dealstore”)

Once you enable this option, go to  Settings – Permalinks  and resave page.

Now, you can create Your stores

When you create Store, you can assign different information to Store, like link, description, bottom description, Seo Title and Cashback Notice, Logo. We recommend to fill all fields, so, your page will have better look.

Then, in each of your post, you will find option to assign Post to Store (right panel in Post Edit Area)

When you have all stores, you can show them on your homepage or inner pages. For this, use shortcode

[wpsm_tax_archive type="storegrid" taxonomy="dealstore"]

Will show grid of taxonomy. This shortcode also supports Cashback Notices which you can add when you create Store and Brand. You can also show two rows of shops with shortcode

[wpsm_tax_archive type="storegrid" taxonomy="dealstore" rows=2]

This shortcode shows 5 or 10 (if you set two rows) stores. You can show random stores or last stores. I recommend to add also Link to page where you have Store archive. Just add simple link or use Button shortcode from shortcode generator. For store archive, we recommend to use shortcode

[wpsm_tax_archive type="alpha" taxonomy="dealstore"]

Place it on separate page and it will show all stores sorted by Alphabet.

Please, check all available shortcode parameters and types in our section of docs