Re:Pick Settings

Re:Pick theme has some additional functions which are different from Rehub. So, I will explain some of them

How to add home page as on demo with RePick

First of all, create custom page for home page. Then, choose ‘Grid with filters’ template in Page attributes. That’s all.

You can also choose what categories to show or to exclude in grid template. Settings are in  Theme option   Repick Settings   Repick index grid .

How to set Hot Metter

After activating theme, go to  Theme Option   RePick settings  and set  Hottest value . What does this value mean? When post reach this value – hot metter line become full and shows image (hot) icon. Also, such posts will be used in Hottest filter.

There are some other good settings, like adding ads in grid, search on Amazon and Ebay links, etc. Some video explanation.