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Compare top offers

The one of best techniques to make money is creating top pages, where you can compare offers from other posts. For example, you have different posts about phones. You can create separate page, something like “Best phones of 2016”, or “Most cheap cameras with 4K resolution”. Theme has many functions to create such posts.


First way is when you want to have list of WooCommerce products. Use shortcode for WooCommerce Offer lists:

[wpsm_woolist data_source="ids" ids="11,12,13"]

where 11,12,13 is Ids of products. You can also create separate WooCommerce box for single product:

[wpsm_woobox id="30456"]

Post offer

If you have single or multiple offers inside Post offer section and want to show it – use shortcode:

[quick_offer id=242]

Post list with review

If you want to add in post List box with offer and review – use next:

[wpsm_top postid="30569"]

Content Egg post with comparison price widget

If you use Content Egg in post and post has several products which you want to compare in widget – use:

[wpsm_bigoffer post_id="30569" ce_enable=1 pricealert=1]

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