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Adding data

After filter setup you need to add data to each of your post. For this, choose your category of filter and add your data:

Now one moment. Imagine situation that you have 500 products and we want to filter them by taxonomies and price which is reflected in built-in constructor. It is very big work to select in each product by hands filter-category. To make it for 1 min you can do next: go to filter-categories and press ours one, look its ID in browser address row:

in our case it is 74

Go to the plugins settings and scroll on the same bottom of the page:

and set data as on screen. Select post type we need, in our case here it is product. Press  Assign . After the page reloading for all ours 500 products were set filter-category we need. We can use this when it is lazy for us each time select filter-category in each product =). That is all, we have filters, we have data in posts, next we need set widget in sidebar or shortcode somewhere.