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Product finder chain

Another great option that I added to 3.0 version – is product chain shortcode. You can use it to create finder for any of post types.

Also you can add this shortcode to text widget:

Warning! For using this shortcode, you need to install plugin mdf-taxonomy-chain-menu. You can find it in theme folder /plugins/mdf-taxonomy-chain-menu.zip

For adding this taxonomy chain use shortcode:

[mdf_chain_menu post_slug='product' taxonomy='product_cat' term_id=0 exclude'' show_count=1 button_title='Watch It' target='_blank']

* post_slug – which post slug to use in chain menu. Default is ‘post’
* taxonomy – taxonomy which terms show. Default is ‘category’
* term_id – start term ID. 0 means all
* exlude – which terms hide. Use comma
* show_count – show count of posts in term. Default is 0
* button_title – title for button with link of selected post. By default is ‘GO!’
* target – how to open selected post. Default is ‘self’