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Product reviews, connection to offers

Product review is the same as review, but has offer block. All data from this offer will be saved in post database, so you can use this data in another places of theme. For example, in top reviews list You can connect WooCommerce offer, ThirstyAffiliates offer to review.

Also, you can add offer manually to post (in this case offer will work for any post format). You can do this in Post offer section under post editor.

Also, I recommend you to set correct price pattern of your offers inside  Theme option   Localization 

Note. You can add offer block to post also with shortcodes. The main difference between offer box shortcode and adding offer box from post settings – shortcode doesn’t save offer data to post data.

For example, if you add offer block to post settings, you will see price, button in string of posts on home page and in archives. If you add offer block as shortcode, post will be as simple post in post loops.

Let’s see examples of types of product review.

Post offer (from post offer section)

WooCommerce product review

Product with affiliate list and Product review with WooCommerce offers list

Each of product review type is based on different way of affiliate options of theme. Docs for Affiliate functions.