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Review post

There are 5 post formats in REhub theme: regular post, video post, music post, review post, gallery post.

All post formats differ each other by top part of posts and icon labels on thumbnails. Also many of content blocks in page builder and sidebar have opportunity to filter content by post formats.

  • video format enables video player in top of post;
  • music post format – music player;
  • gallery post format – gallery slider with thumbnails;
  • review post format enables ability to add review block and user rating system;
  • regular format – standard featured image.

Also you have ability to disable top part of post. For this just turn off in Post settings checkbox ‘Disable Featured Image’, ‘Video or Gallery in top part on post page’.

Review post

Review post format is most powerfull post formats with big amount of settings. You can assign woocommerce to review and also slider

Review post has review block that is visible after post content, but if you enable shortcode inserting you can add it in any place of content by [review] shortcode. Just copy this shortcode to any place.

Review Schema for rich snippet

Theme has built in schema format to make rich snippet in google. Available 2 types: based on editor’s score or user reviews. Choose it in  Theme option – Review option . Also, set Organization name there (this can help in rich snippet). Don’t use any fake names, like “Super offer”, use real name of your site or organization. Google doesn’t guarantee rich star snippet even if your site is correct. There are many reasons for this, most common is when you create fake review or review about list of products, instead of one. Sometimes, you can fix this with changing schema type. You can also disable schema type at all and use own plugin for star snippet. My favorite is KK star rating plugin. You can use it with theme’s reviews.

After saving data you can see annimated block in post.

Each of this part are set in setting fields:

Overall score can be calculated automatically. Just leave it without changes for this. Or you can set it manually.

You can set color type of review box in  Theme options   Review 

How to make copy of review layout

If you have many review posts and the same review criteria, it’s very useful to have something like ready post layout with all criteria, common settings, Review header, etc. By default, theme doesn’t have this, but it’s easy to make. Just use this plugin. Create draft post with all common settings, then, you can just duplicate it when you need such post and publish.

How to bulk add review posts

We updated our extension for WP All import plugin. Now you can also import reviews with posts. You can get extension in  Rehub   Plugins  tab in admin panel (this requires license registration in  Rehub   Registration ).

How to add different color for Review criteria by score

Each criteria has own class based on score value. So, you can color them by css. Example

.rate_bar_wrap .r_score_1, .rate_bar_wrap .r_score_2{background-color: #940000 !important}
.rate_bar_wrap .r_score_3, .rate_bar_wrap .r_score_4{background-color: #cc0000 !important}
.rate_bar_wrap .r_score_5, .rate_bar_wrap .r_score_6{background-color: #ffac00 !important}
.rate_bar_wrap .r_score_7, .rate_bar_wrap .r_score_8{background-color: #9c0 !important}
.rate_bar_wrap .r_score_9, .rate_bar_wrap .r_score_10{background-color: #390 !important}

you can place this in theme options – general options – custom css