How to allow vendors to submit only external or directory products

Sometimes, you may need to have vendor dashboard for users, but in the same time, you don’t want to sell something on site. So, you can allow vendors to add only external products on your site.

It’s easy to do. First of all, for vendors, use WCFM plugin. Other vendor plugins also have option to customize product submit form, but it’s only in PRO versions of plugins. Also, only WCFM plugin has option to assign additional custom fields to submit form.

So, after plugin setup, go to Settings – Capabilities. Here you can choose which types of product you want to allow for vendors. So, choose only “External/Affiliate”

In Rehub theme, woocommerce products also can have some printable coupons. So, you can allow vendors to add them.

For this, go to Settings – Product Custom fields and add rehub_woo_coupon_code as new field

This way will allow to add external products from vendor dashboard. Sometimes, you may need to make totally custom product submit from instead WCFM inner forms. For this, use custom plugin for creating forms (for example, our bundled RH Frontend plugin which has also image and price parsing), create custom form, save link on page where you placed form and add this link to theme option – shop settings – vendor options – Add url of submit product page