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Gutencon and WPML translation

Gutencon has full WPML compatibility from 3 version of plugin. With this option, you can use WPML to show different content for users from different countries. This is very useful especially in cases when you want to use different affiliate programs on-site and show different listings, prices for different users.

There are two basic scenarios of page translation. You can translate the whole page or use a special WPML editor to translate only text strings of blocks.

When you translate the whole page, you can make totally different blocks and content. It’s like separate page with its own settings, content, etc. It will be easier to translate only text strings. In this case, your content structure, design, settings of the post is the same, but you change only the text.

For this, Click to translate button and keep WPML editor as ON

Once you click on the translation icon, you will see WPML editor with all available strings for translation. Click on each line, translate it and click on Green Tick icon to accept translation. Please, note, that only lines where you accepted translation (you have marked them with a green icon) will be used for translation.

You can also use the Automatic translation feature in WPML if you need it.

WPML has also the option to detect the language of the browser and redirect users to the proper language. Here is documentation how to do this. Additionally, you can use plugin to redirect user by IP of country