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Bulk import of offers

Theme has import extension for plugin WPAI. You can use Light version of plugin which you can download from wordpress.org If you need PRO version or woocommerce addon (allows to add custom fields) – send us request This is available only for our clients (theme buyers).

We provide Post addon which you can download from Rehub – Plugins

You can use Bulk import inside Post offer section of posts (with Post Addon) or inside woocommerce (send request for this). Using Bulk import for posts will make Deal site or coupon site (when you have one offer per one post), example, of such site is our Recash demo recash.wpsoul.net. For woocommerce, you can also enable Price comparison feature

Also, you maybe will need extension to show brand logo if your post doesn’t have image

Price comparison feature with bulk import

For example, you have feeds from several affiliate networks or merchants and you want to compare prices for the same product. Now, do the next steps:

  1. Import your feed to woocommerce products (as described in video, check end of this page).
  2. While import, don’t forget to add unique ID from each offer item to SKU field of woocommerce products

Next thing, you must use one of available product layouts for price comparison. We provide two layouts. You can choose them for all products on site (globally) in theme option – shop settings – shop layout or when you make import (there is selectbox of product layout if you use our woo addon).

Price Comparison with shortcode

First product layout has name Compare prices by shortcode. It has next look

This product layout is made for multivendor products, but you can also use it for products which are imported by bulk import with some shortcode. You must add shortcode

[wpsm_woocompare field=_sku logo=product]

to  Theme option – shop option – code zone near button 

This area is global area (will be added to all products on your site. If you want to add it only to imported products, add shortcode while import to custom field with key rh_code_incart


_sku is meta key where woocommerce stores SKU. So, theme will use this field and will show all available products with the same SKU in Product layout.
If you want to show logo of brands instead of logo of product, type “brand” instead “product”. You must also add logos of brands (check our video to see how to import brand logos while import of products).

[wpsm_woocompare field=_sku logo=brand]

You can also add brand logos after import in Products – Affiliate Store  – edit

Price Comparison List Layout

Another Product layout which was added recently is Price list layout. You don’t need to add any shortcodes if you choose this Product layout, because it will grab products by sku automatically. Product layout has name Compare Prices by sku. It has next look.

This product layout can be used also with combination with Content Egg lists (will be added automatically to list of products)

Hide duplicated products

After importing products with the same SKU, you will see that you have duplicated products on site. Each of this product will have price comparison list. But you can hide them from site and make visible only product with lowest price. For this, Install our plugin RH Woo Tools (You can get if from Rehub – Plugins). After installation, go to Woocommerce – Status – Tools. In end of page, you will find option “Hide duplicated products” Click on it and all duplicated products will be hidden except products with lowest price.

Link Cloaking

If you make Bulk import to posts and want to cloak offer links, use our RH Link Offer Cloaking. You can get it from Rehub – Plugins – Bonus plugins

If you want to cloack woocommerce links – use Plugin

Price updates

For price updates, you must update field _price for woocommerce products. Check this article and auto price updates