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Cashback Functions

What is cashback and how it works?

Cashback functions are usually available on different types of affiliate websites, deal sites and coupon sites. It’s option for your users to get some money back after their purchase. This motivates users to use your site instead of direct shop, because they can save additional money.

Technical side of cashback functions

We investigated near 20 most popular cashback sites and found that they have very similar functions and logic. Usually, they are based on point system. After each purchase, user can see available cashback points in their accounts. There are pending points (when user click on product link) and approved points (when user purchased product and affiliate network sent commission for you).

If you want to implement cashback functions on site you must have next things:

  1. Notices in your posts or products that this post have cashback option
  2. Store/Merchant pages with all available deals and coupons from this store and description of cashback values
  3. User’s profile page where user can see all pending and approved cashbacks and can request payment
  4. Tracking system

The last point is most important, because not all networks can provide cashback and sub ID tracking. Currently, we are working to implement cashback for most popular networks for each region.

If you have price comparison site (multiple merchant choice for each product), we don’t recommend to add cashback functions to such Price comparison Products. Instead of this, you can create separate part on site where you will post deals, coupons with cashbacks. We recommend to use Woocommerce Products for Price Comparison and POSTS for cashback and coupons.

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