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Review in posts

From 15 version of theme, Rehub is more block based, so, you will need to add Reviews from Gutenberg page builder. For this, use Reviewbox module

Here is video which can help you how to use Gutenberg framework of theme

Gutenberg Reviewbox doesn’t save data to post meta, if you want to save it, use special button in end of block’s settings

Do you need to save Review data to post meta?

No, it’s not required. So, when do you need to save? Only if you want to use review data of post somewhere outside reviewbox. Here are some practical examples.

For example, you want to add review snippet in top of post. For this, use “Offer and review Score” Post layout

You can also use scorebox shortcode in Widget if you want to show review score in sidebar

if you build “Top review ..” post, you may use Post Offer Listing block and select your posts. If post has stored review data, it will be visible in listing

How to add different color for Review criteria by score

Each criteria has own class based on score value. So, you can color them by css. Example

.rate_bar_wrap .r_score_1, .rate_bar_wrap .r_score_2{background-color: #940000 !important}
.rate_bar_wrap .r_score_3, .rate_bar_wrap .r_score_4{background-color: #cc0000 !important}
.rate_bar_wrap .r_score_5, .rate_bar_wrap .r_score_6{background-color: #ffac00 !important}
.rate_bar_wrap .r_score_7, .rate_bar_wrap .r_score_8{background-color: #9c0 !important}
.rate_bar_wrap .r_score_9, .rate_bar_wrap .r_score_10{background-color: #390 !important}

you can place this in theme options – general options – custom css

How to use old workflow with Review meta panel

Go to theme options – global enable/disable and enable Old Post format panel