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Changes in 13 version

As we continue to optimize code of theme, we need to remove some outdated parts which were added in first version of theme, but currently this functions are outdated and were replaced by new core wordpress functions early. In most cases they don’t affect your site, but we recommend to check them if you used some of them.

Category second description and banner url

The key problem of second description was in fact that it’s made on very old wordpress function and saved in global options. And import plugins can’t detect such fields, so, we replaced it with new Taxonomy meta functions. They are working the same but faster and with better compatibility with other plugins. If you used second description field of Category – it will work on your site as early, but we recommend to use new field and simply add the same text in Bottom description field.

Banner url field was removed from category panels. You can add any ads and html code directly in Category main or bottom description fields. Also, global branded area is still available in Theme option – ads and code zones. If you want to show specific ads for special category, you can use conditional shortcodes of theme

Review Slider and connection to Woocommerce product in review panel

Previously, you could enable option in Review Format to show slider of images and connect with woocommerce product. Both options were deprecated early and now they completely removed. Why?

Two years ago, wordpress team decided to move everything to Gutenberg instead of custom panels. And this has a sense, because it makes more faster sites and more better user experience when you fill content in admin panel. Previously we added Slider block and woocommerce block which you can use if you want to show sliders and woocommerce products. We will continue to add new Gutenberg blocks. By the way, if you want to remove top featured image for post, you can do this in right side panel in Post settings. We can send you old version of theme if these functions are critical for you. But we recommend to use actual options of WordPress and theme instead.