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Content Egg plugin

How to use plugin inside Posts and overall description

From 4.8.1 version of theme, you have extended support for our new Content Egg plugin. This is one of the best time saving and content monetizing plugin for wordpress. We are trying to add not only affiliate instruments in plugin, but also many good things to make your content better for users and for search engines. You can add videos, photos, news, offers, comparisons, books and many other content to your posts. Affiliate modules of plugin can search among many affiliate systems and choose best offers for your visitors and show deals in different output templates. Plugin can be used for Posts and Products. If you want to create Review/Recommendation site – we recommend to use Posts 

For Price comparison site – use Products

Some video about work our theme with plugin. Note, that we continue to add new modules, you can even suggest them.

Synchronization with theme

Rehub theme has extended synchronization with plugin

You can synchronize main offer of post with offers from Content Egg. For this, go to theme option – Affiliate and find field Save data from Content Egg to post offer section. Here you can choose modules which will be connected with Main Offer section of theme. What does this mean? This means that after saving data from modules, data of best offer will be added also to Post offer section of theme. So, this data will be used in theme for creating offer button in loops and in top tables, syncing price, for offer which will be used for price alert and price tracker modules. Not always best price means best offer, so, we added a way to choose which of offer will be used for synchronization (check bottom of Post offer section)

For woocommerce products – synchronization has another place to enable. Check article

Price alert and Price history

To enable this feature, first of all, go to Content Egg – settings and enable there history period and price alert

Then, don’t forget to enable synchronization with plugin in Theme option – affiliate. After this, you will see select in each post (end of page)

So, you can control which of product will be choosed for synchronization of theme’s Main offer, price tracking and price alert. By default, it’s lowest price product, but you can choose any product which already added in Post by Content Egg.

Now, to see price alert and price history in post, you can shoose one of available Post Layouts integrated with Content Egg, like “Price comparison”, “Full width Content Egg”, etc.

If you use another post layout, you can add price module to post with shortcode [content-egg-block template=custom/all_pricehistory_full] for price history and [content-egg-block template=custom/all_pricealert_full] for price alert

Also, you can add price history block for each Amazon product with shortcodes

[content-egg module=Amazon template=custom/price_alert] [content-egg module=Amazon template=custom/price_history]
Please, note. Price history is not available on new posts with new products. Price history will be visible after stored price updates for product. You can control period of price updates in settings of each module in Content Egg

Free or PRO?

There are two versions of plugin: free and paid. Both of them are similar, difference only in number of modules. You can get free version here or go to Rehub – Plugins tab and enable plugin from there.

Modules which are available in PRO version is here

If you need discount for plugin, use next coupons:


on site

Last updated Widget and Product grid

Latest version of plugin has very interesting function which is called “Price Movers”. Imagine, that you have many offers on site and you want to show offers which has maximum price drop during special period, for example, last week. Now, you show such offers. There are two modules for this. First is Widget CE: Price movers. Add it in Appearance – widgets. I recommend to use “Sidebar Top offers” template for widget to better fit with theme design

Another way is useful when you want to show this function as product grid, for example, on homepage

For this, use shortcode

[content-egg-price-movers template="custom/wdgt_price_movers_grid" cols=4 limit=4]

you can change cols to another number. for full width page i recommend to use 4 or 5, for pages with sidebar – use 3

You can add also parameters to shortcode

last_update=7 (default) will show updated offers last 7 days.

limit=8 will show 8 offers instead 4

Common Issues

This post layout requires Content Egg Plugin to be active and Product must have synchronized Content Egg offers

You can see this notice in some posts or products. This means that you use one of Post or Product Layout which was made special for Content Egg and required to have synchronized offer in post/product. So, you have two solutions:

  1. You can use other post/product layout (use any which doesn’t have “Content Egg” in name of layout)
  2. Or enable synchronization. Please, note, that posts and products have different logic and places for enabling synchronizations.

Please, note, just enabling synchronization will not make  fix this automatically. Synchronization will be made once you resave post or after each price update. Period of price update can be added in plugin

Price is not best after synchronization

Another common issue – you enabled synchronization, but theme shows not best price among all modules. Usually, it’s because you enabled not all modules for synchronization. Theme will choose best offer ONLY among modules which are marked for synchronization.

Another possible reason – you have manual marked offer for synchronization, for example, inside product area. When you do this inside product, this offer will be marked always as best offer and all other offers will be ignored