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User frontend submit

First of all, install bundled RH Frontend posting plugin. For this, register theme license in  Rehub->Registration , then go to  Rehub->Plugins  and take download link from bonus plugins. Install plugin as any wordpress plugin.

After installation, go to settings of plugin and add some options, like maximum uploading file size, emails, etc

Create new form

In settings of form you can restrict access for special site roles and choose roles who can have rights for posting without moderation (other roles will have pending posts after submit)

Form settings

Leave default field as is (or add some restriction and validation). Usually, I disable Excerpt field. Now, in right side you need to add all custom fields.

You can check all important keys for theme here

I show you fields for post offer section, all of them are also available in right side helper panel

rehub_offer_product_url – Url of deal (url type of element)

rehub_main_product_price – Current deal price (number type, also add your currency in prefix field or postfix)

rehub_main_product_price_old – Old deal price (number type, also add your currency in prefix field or postfix)

rehub_offer_product_desc – Short features of deal (text)

rehub_offer_product_coupon – Coupon (text)

rehub_offer_coupon_date – Field for coupon end date (date field)

Now, in each meta field you can add some description and validation. I recommend also to stript tags for all fields except (maybe) description.

End coupon date set as date field. Publish form and copy shortcode, insert it on new page and remember page. Then, return to theme options – user options and choose this page as user submit page.

You can check video

Please, note. In video, we choose text field for Price, but now you can use Number field type and add currency to prefix. Also, choose price pattern in Theme option – localization

You can also create paid submit

Also, you can use advanced tips to auto add your affiliate ids to user submitted links

You can also add links to submit form and edit form inside Theme option – user option

You can also assign forms inside User Profiles in Buddypress (Theme option – Buddypress options)