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How to change icons in mobile headers

Theme has special mobile headers and panels. It’s generated automatically according to elements which you set in your header.

You can customize what to show in header in Customizer or in Theme option – header and menu. To use customizer, login on your site and find Customize icon in admin top panel when you view your site. Then, follow to Theme option – header and menu section. You can enable different header layouts there. Each header layout has also possibility to enable different elements, like login, cart, comparison, etc

If you have more than 1 custom element, theme will generate additional mobile toolbar

So, you will have two areas – mobile header with your logo, menu icon and search and bottom toolbar with icons.

You can control mobile logo, colors of mobile header and mobile toolbar in Customizer – Theme options – Mobile options

You can also change icons in header. Follow next tutorial

You can also remove icons from mobile header and toolbars

You can add additional icon to toolbar. Example of code