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WordPress 5.5

Many people have problem with 5.5 version because jquery and many scripts were changed.

We always keep our products fresh, but still people see issues, because of next reasons

  1. They updated theme, but didn’t update Rehub framework plugin. It’s required to have both theme and plugins updated. How to update theme and plugin
  2. Bonus plugins are not updated. Bonus plugins have no automatic updates so you may need to remove them and download latest version from Rehub – plugins
  3. You don’t have updated cache. If you use any cache plugin – update cache in it. Even if you don’t use them, cache can be enabled in browser. How to clean cache

Please, make sure that you updated BROWSER cache. If you don’t understand how to do this, google something like “clean browser cache in Chrome”. Without cleaning browser cache, theme option will not work.

For wordpress 5.5 – you must use theme with 11.6 version or newer, Rehub framework plugin 5.9 or newer

Even if you keep all files fresh, other developers can be not so fast as our, so, you may have outdated plugins with no compatibility for WP and they can affect whole site. So, make sure that you use latest versions of plugins. If you can’t update plugins for some reason, try to install plugin “Enable jQuery Migrate Helper”