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Ways to make price comparison site

Currently, theme supports different methods of how to add a price comparison site. All of them are depending on the affiliate networks which you use, sources of offers and the type of site which you want to build. Unfortunately, there is no best way and the universal way which fits for all, so, different scenarios can require different solutions.

Content Egg and Affiliate Egg

Content Egg plugin is the most powerful way. Plugin has free and pro versions. Theme has enhanced support for plugin, additional templates and functions. You can add shortcodes directly to post, you can use special Post layouts and even autoblog.

If you want to read more tips and details, please visit our blog about Price comparison sites

Theme has bundled only free version of Content Egg which is enough for start. It’s fully functional version, difference with PRO is only in number of available modules.

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When to use?

If you want to have most powerful price comparison site and you can spend additional fifty dollars on plugin.

Product feeds

Another way to make price comparison site is Product feeds. You can get them in any affiliate network. Usually, you can find them in your account by link “Product Feed”, “Product XML”, “Product Data”. They must be in xml or in csv format. More details read in our article 

The plugin for import is bundled with theme. Use this way if you need fast building for the site and you can’t spend any additional value and time.