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User’s reputation, badges, ranks

From version 6.0 we added support for plugin MyCred. I think it’s the best plugin for user reputation system. All modules in plugin are optional, you can enable/disable all of them.

Ranks and badges will be visible in BuddyPress profiles and author pages by default. You don’t need to enable this in plugin settings.

You can also enable badges and ranks inside default comments in  Theme option   User options . Note, this can increase load on server, especially if you have many comments.

We also added additional hook for point system for MyCred. it’s for hotmeter/thumb meter. Each time user’s post will have “+” or “-“, he get also “+” or “-” in point. You can set details for this in  MyCred   Hooks   Hot Meter & Thumbs Likes . The same is available in badge settings.

Rank style tip

When you enable rank module of MyCred, you can give ranks to users. They are visible in BuddyPress profiles, author boxes, etc. By default, they have green color, but you can set own colors for each rank. For example, you have rank with name “Veteran”. Each rank has it’s own id. You can see it when you edit rank. For example, when I click on edit rank on my site I see link in browser site.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=29635&action=edit

29635 is ID of rank. So, CSS class of this rank is rh-user-rank-29635. You can use it for adding your color. Code will be next:

.rh-user-rank-29635{background-color:#cc0000 !important}

You can place this in  Theme options   General options   Custom CSS .