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Adding frontend posting with review

You can add frontend form where users can add posts with reviews from 6.0.3 version.

For this, use bonus bundled plugin RH Frontend Posting PRO. You can download it from  Rehub   Plugins  tab (required license registration in  Rehub   Registration ).

After plugin installation, create a form for frontend posting. Each form has its own ID. You can see it on the page with all created forms (RH Frontend – Forms). Copy this ID. Go to  Theme option   Review   Add review fields to frontend form . Add there ID of the form where you want to add review fields and criterias. Syntax must be next:

2:Criteria 1,Criteria 2,Criteria 3,Criteria 4

3:Criteria 1,Criteria 2,Criteria 3,Criteria 4

Where 2 and 3 are IDs of forms. You can attach different criterias for each form.



Add review criteria below this field. That’s all. You can also check other user functions of theme here.