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WordPress 5.0 changes

WordPress 5.0 is one of most changed version of wordpress for last 5 years. All plugin and themes will be affected with this update. Of course, we always keep our theme updated for any changes and you should know some major changes in interface which are different. So, some parts of docs can show screenshots from old version.

First of all, make sure that you updated our theme to 7.8.5 or newer version. Don’t forget to clean cache on your site

Shortcode generator

Shortcode generator icon now is not placed near media icon as early, because Gutenberg doesn’t have this area at all. Now, you can find shortcode icon inside Classic editor.

Just click on editor and you will see it

And You will see button as early

All meta panels are working as early.

So, if you want to have shortcode block, choose Classic Editor Block and choose shortcode in it

Page attributes

Some of our page templates have additional meta panels which are available after saving page. WordPress 5.0 doesn’t reload page when you save post or page, so, to see these panels, save page and RELOAD page. Click on F5 or reload icon in your browser.

WP Bakery Visual Editor

Visual Editor aka page builder supports gutenberg only from 5.6 version. Go to Plugins – All plugins and check which version you have. If you have older – update plugin from theme

Wordpress 5.0.3 update. In this version of wordpress, you can choose how to edit page, as gutenberg block or as Regular editor. So, if you want to use Page builder, you should enable this for page. To do this, go to All pages and click on Edit

Also, you can choose Classic Editor as main editor for all users in Settings – Writing

Possible issues

Current 5.0 version of wordpress has one small bug. Sometimes when you insert shortcode in editor, it inserts in top of content. It’s not theme bug and we can’t change this. The same problem you will find when you insert default wordpress image in editor. Developers of wordpress know about this problem and will fix it soon.

How to back to Old interface?

Go to Plugins – All plugins and search for “Classic Editor”. Install this plugin, it will make old interface. Anyway, we recommend to start with new Gutenberg as we have plans to move all our best shortcodes and block to new Block system of wordpress, because it’s awesome. Also, we already added all styles and formatting for new blocks and they look the same on frontend and when you make post in backend.