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Some tips for layout builder

Well, VC is shortcode builder. All theme modules can work without VC. So, you can create draft page, then, configure modules with visual composer, then switch to classic view – text view and copy shortcode code. Delete all VC shortcodes from code ([vc_row], [vc_column], etc. All of them start from [vc_...]). Then, you can use such shortcodes without enabled visual composer.
Go to  Theme option   General option . You can find toggle for this option. Note, that some scripts are not working on frontend (some post carousel, sliders), but you can control them.
Sometimes, you need to add background to row with post modules and sidebar. Problem is when you make page as full width, post loop container stretch on full width and looks ugly. Correct way to do this: Enable ‘Full width’ in Page options (right panel), then add Section module, add Row inside Section. Make row as 2/3 + 1/3 if you need sidebar. In Row settings – Type of row enable “Container with sidebar”. Trick is that all rows which are inside Section will be center alligned and have correct responsive width. Don’t forget to add padding from top and bottom.
We added many ready helper classes which you can use. Check them here
Tips: If you want to insert ads block inside posts string, you can do it by inserting 2 posts string, but second string must have offset option equal count of posts in first string. For example, first string has 5 posts and second – 5 posts and offset 5. So between these string you can insert ads block or any other block.