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Updating theme and bundled plugins

Please, read also changelog when you make update theme. Some major updates can have changes and we provide explanation in changelog. You can see changelog on Themeforest page of theme and in text file “changelog” when you download theme package

You can update the theme in one of ways:

Updating Automatically

Envato have developed the Envato Market Plugin for WordPress. Currently, it still is in beta version, but works in most cases. I added this plugin to theme bundle. You can install plugin from tab  Rehub    Plugins . This plugin will add update and notification functions to theme and all your plugins which you bought on Themeforest. If you have troubles with plugin, read tutorial 

Updating Manually

There are quick way and FTP way.

Quick way

  1. Download the most current version from ThemeForest in the “Downloads” area of your account.
  2. Unzip the package and locate rehub-theme.zip in the theme folder.
  3. Go to  Appearance   Themes  and simply upload theme. From WordPress 5.5 version you don’t need to activate another theme. So, simply upload zip file and accept prompt to replace the existing theme.

FTP way

  1. Download the most current version from ThemeForest in the “Downloads” area of your account.
  2. Unzip the package and locate rehub-theme.zip in the theme folder and unzip it on your computer. Rename folder to _rehub-theme
  3. Connect to your site with ftp and go to /wp-content/themes/ folder
  4. Upload _rehub-theme folder to themes folder. So, you will have rehub-theme and _rehub-theme folders
  5. Rename rehub-theme folder to something like oldrehub and _rehub-theme to rehub-theme. So you will have rehub-theme folder with new version of theme and oldrehub with old version.
  6. Check your site. if everything is ok – you can delete oldrehub or revert everything back if something went wrong

Updating child themes

All child themes have inner update system, it’s automatic, you will see notice that you need update theme in Appearance – Themes. Just update them as any wordpress theme. But, before updating child theme, always update main theme

Updating bundled plugins

Theme has some required plugins and some optional paid plugins from Codecanyon. For required plugins, you can update them from admin panel

You will see notice, which is visible on every page of admin panel (if you didn’t dismiss it early)

Plugin notice

So, follow link and update plugins. Also, you can update them on Rehub – plugins page.

Bonus plugins – there are two variants of bonus plugins. First is our unique plugins like RH Frontend PRO, RH Cloak link, etc. You can easily update them from admin pages as any wordpress plugin. Go to Plugins – Installed plugins and click on link to update.

Bundled bonus plugins from Codecanyon can’t be updated automatically (WP Bakery, Revolution Slider, Layered Popup, Advance Product Filter). So, if you see notice in admin pages and some window that you must insert license code, ignore it. Then, delete plugin, go to Rehub – plugins page and download actual version of plugin. Install it. Don’t worry, all your settings for plugin is safe.

Please, note, that bundled plugins from Codecanyon don’t include License as it’s restricted by Envato rules. You can’t register them with License of theme. You can download latest version in Rehub – plugins, and we guarantee that plugin will work with theme without activation license of plugin. But if you need license, you can buy plugin. Please, read more about Bundled plugin’s rules on Envato

How to fix problem with updating plugin from theme

If you have any problem with updating plugin from Rehub – plugins section, then you can simply upload plugin manually. For this, download theme package from Themeforest and unzip it. In theme folder, find /plugins folder and get plugin which you need. For example, it’s greenshiftgsap.zip. Now, go to Plugins – Add new and upload zip file. WordPress will prompt to replace existed plugin. Accept this. Enjoy