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Results output templates


This is most important part of settings and usually, users make mistake here even if it’s easy to setup.

From previous article, you know that you need to set output result link and output result template. You have configured widget or shortcode, now, it’s time to create output page with post module which will be used to show search results.

There are some ways to set MDTF output:

1. With Visual composer post module

This way will not work if you set Ajax method for widgets or shortcodes. If you need Ajax, use second way described below

First of all, enable visual composer (page builder), then use any of post modules on page (grid, blog, list). All of post modules of theme will work also as output for MDTF. Set “self” in Result output template field in settings of MDTF widget or shortcode.

2. With Visual composer MDTF module

This module is special for MDTF. Instead of previous way, this module will work also for ajaxed results.

To have ajaxed results (without page reload), use next settings in widget.

and also, enable Ajax in MDTF module of page builder

Lazy image fix

When you use lazy image loading on site (enabled by default), your images will be empty after ajax search, to fix this, go to MDTF – settings – Advanced options and add next code in JavaScript code after AJAX is done field

       var source = jQuery(this).attr("data-src");
       jQuery(this).attr("src", source).css({'opacity': '1'});

3. Creating filterable top table

You can connect your top table with filters. For this, set also “self” as output template

4. WooCommerce template

For using WooCommerce shop with filtered data of plugin, you need to add to output template setting woocommerce/archive-product

5. Easydigitaldownload

If you want to create catalog for easydigitaldownload, use archive-download name of template.