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11.7 Update of theme

11.7 version is major update which can affect your site. Mostly, this update has big perfomance improvements and 5.5 wordpress compatibility.

First of all, if you have any issue with Theme options, make sure that you read this update

Theme used Fontawesome icons long time. It’s very cool set of icons which is very popular and Rehub theme had PRO icons in bundle. But there is one big downside of fontawesome, they are too heavy. It was not big problem in first versions, but latest bundle takes near 1mb of size. This is more than code of whole site.

As you know, Google makes too much attention on speed and size of files on site now. So, we decided to make custom icons. We still used fontawesome + also icomoon, Lineicons, Feather icons, but in this time, we made custom font which includes only icons which we use in theme and on demo sites.

We compared size of our custom font and regular FontAwesome. And we were very surprised. We have 25kb. Yes, that’s correct. 25kb instead 1mb of icons, it’s reduced in 40 times. The same is for styles. It was 70kb, now, it’s only 9kb

We tested new version of theme on our demo and got a huge gain in Google score. Our tested Recash demo was 85 score on the home page and now it’s 97-98 score on mobile and desktop. And this can be improved, because we use Elementor on Homepage which is very heavy. We plan to make Fully Gutenberg demo which should be even faster.

So, how this change can affect your site? usually, you will not see any difference (only better speed), some icons in header were changed, but mostly they are the same. Problem can be if you used some icons as custom text (in widgets, Elementor blocks, shortcodes). Classes are changed now.

If you used early something like

<i class="far fa-bell"></i>

Now, you must replace to

<i class="rhicon rhi-bell"></i>

So, everywhere instead fa, far, fas, fal, use rhicon and instead prefix fa-, use rhi-

You can find all available icons and their codes there

To make migration more smooth, we added option in theme option – font option which will enable old FontAwesome icons on your site, so, you will have time to change all codes. We also changed tutorials in documentation.

Also, if you used icon modules of Elementor – it should work as early, we enabled regular icons in Elementor. Anyway, we recommend to replace Fontawesome icons to Rehub icons in elementor modules, this will make pages more faster

2. Second important change – we removed Content Egg comparison layouts for posts. We marked them as deprecated two years ago and now, it’s time to remove them totally. You should never use Price comparison in Posts, use Woocommerce products for this. Anyway, you can still use Content Egg in posts if you need deal site or you use shortcodes in posts.