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Schema types for deal sites

If you need some advanced snippets in google results, you need to use some advanced Schema formating.

Rehub theme has next schema formats which can help you.

  1. Review schema
  2. Product schema
  3. Event sales schema (experimental)
  4. LocalBusiness

All schema formats are made by actual JSON+LD format.

Enabling schema on site doesn’t give you 100% advanced snippets in google. Currently, google can delete them if site use fake schema type. For example, you use reviews, but content of articles is not about review of product. I found that google delete star snippet for many sites which has reviews inside “Top set” articles. For example, review in article “Top phones of 2016” is fake review, because you have many products in such article, but review schema describes only review for 1 product. Anyway, I can give you some advices how to get star snippet if you lose them.

Review schema

There are two review schemas in theme. One for editor’s review and one for aggregate user reviews.

Editor’s review is default type. You can set it in theme option – review options. To get star snippets for this type – just make post as review and add review data, like criterias, Heading, small description, etc

To use user reviews schema – choose them in  Theme option   Review options  –  Type of schema for reviews . Please, note, you can use two types of user reviews: simple reviews and user reviews with criterias. Don’t forget, that you will not have star snippet in google until your post will not have 2 or more user reviews.

In some cases, you can lose star snippet even if your schema formting is correct. You can try to get them back. Usually, I do next steps for this:

  1. Disable review schema type in theme option – Reviews – Type of schema for reviews
  2. Install any review plugin, which has old schema formating. I prefer KK star rating for this. Click on stars in your posts, so, you will have stars rating in your posts
  3. Wait some reindex of your site by google

Product schema

You can have also some product schema for posts. This is usefull if you have deal or comparison site. This can help you to get also offer data in snippet, like this

Product schema is available ONLY in woocommerce products. Also, we recommend to add some recommended data for each product, like SKU, brand, enable also user’s ratings in woocommerce – settings – products


This schema type is working only for Buddypress profile pages if you set additional Description and Phone fields in Xprofiles. Read article for details how to set xprofile fields