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License rules

Regular rules of Envato license allow to use one license on One site only. We understand that you may want to test theme on local site and move it on live, so, as bonus, we extended all licenses to use on 2 sites: 1 live site and 1 test server.

You can migrate your license to a new site at any time, but the migration limit is 5 times. After 5 migrations, the license will be activated on the last active site without the possibility to move it to another. To migrate license, deactivate it on an active site, then, you can use it on another site.

The deactivated site will work as usual, but you will have no updates of our bonus plugins, auto update of the theme, no access to demo imports, and no other bonuses on the deactivated site.

You can deactivate license in the same place where you activated it (Rehub – registration)

Please, note, that all local, staging and subdomains are also counted as site. Make sure that you deactivated your license on test site before you removed it.

If you lost your license by some reason, you can send request for manual deactivation

Do you want to have bundle of licenses with discount? In the current point, Envato has no bundle option, but we can offer you the next deal: Buy 2 licenses of theme, send codes to our contact form and we will extend them to 5 sites. Buy 3 licenses and we will extend to 10 sites. Send request on page