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License rules

Regular rules of Envato license allow to use one license on One site only. We understand that you may want to test theme on local site and move it on live, so, as bonus, we extended all licenses to use on 1 live site and unlimited test sites. Test site is detected by domain name. All next domains will be detected as test domain – *.dev, *.local, *.test, *.staging, *.test, *.example, localhost/*, myftpupload.com/*, cloudwaysapps.com/*

if your hosting has specific test server domain names, let us know and we will add them to list of test domains.

You can migrate your license to a new site at any time, but one license can be active only on one site at the same time. We recommend to buy another license for your new site if you want to keep both sites active. We also provide bonuses for users with multiple licenses.

To migrate license on new site, just activate license on new site. You will see notice about License limit and form where you can deactivate license on all available sites. Then, you can activate it again on new site.

You don’t need to deactivate license on old site. You can do this only while activation on new site.

Please, note, that all subdomains are also counted as site (if they are not testing domains listed above)

Do you want to have a bundle of licenses with a discount? At the current point, Envato has no bundle option, but we can offer you the exclusive deals

Visit Rehub – registration and find actual available bonus packs. Please, note, you need to use Actual theme version to see actual bonus packs.