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Editor Review

Theme has extended option to add Review panel to products. You can find this panel in end of product edit page

After you add Review, theme will generate reviewbox in description and in content. Also, some product layouts have extended support for reviews.

The best Product Layout for Reviews are Reviews with Blocks, Full Width Photo and Directory layout. All of them have different style and look for Review block

Also, it’s not required to add review criterias, you can add only score result and pros and cons.

How to add Cross Link block to Post Review

If you want to divide reviews and products, you can use crosslink block. For example, you have Post review and this review about your product. Now, you want to connect Product to review post and Review post to product.

To connect Review post and product use Woobox or Woo listing blocks in Gutenberg. Just type “/woo” in your text and you will find popup with woocommerce blocks

To connect Product with Review Post, you can use shortcode

[wpsm_reviewbox id=11 compact=1]

Where 11 is ID of Post with your review. You can use shortcode in content or in custom product area

Custom product area

How to get post ID