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Image sizes for shop pages

Our theme follows standards of woocommerce and we use recommended functions of woocommerce. But sometimes it’s not enough, so, we extend them.

By default, woocommerce set own image sizes for all images in shop. Basically, it has 3 size: Single image on product page (not cropped, full width), image in product loops (cropped, 270 px width) and small gallery images (100px width).

The most common problem is images in product loops (thumbnail images), because each site can have absolutely different image ratio, preferable sizes of images and quality. So, if everything is ok on your site – leave it as is. But, you can change next things:

Crop. You can disable it. For this, go to  Customize – Woocommerce – Product images  and disable crop or set another ratio for crop

Making custom ratio can help also to make full width image in grid

External image plugin fix

Some our clients use plugins for external image urls for featured image. From first look, this can be good idea, but problem is that wordpress can’t resize or optimize such images. This can slow down site and also images can look not equal.

This css fix can help

Add to theme option – general – custom css

.woocommerce .products .product figure img{max-height:160px; width:auto}