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Setup User login and register PopUp, menus

First of all, you need to enable user registration in WordPress. Go to  Settings   General   Membership  and enable Anyone can register.

Next step. You can enable theme’s login section in header or menu (optional).

For this, go to  Theme option   User options  and enable User login modal.

How to show Login Button in header

Now, we can add login button to site. For this, you need to enable one of Header layouts: Customizable, Shop/Comparison, Logo + menu in one row. Once you enable them, you can activate also user login button. You can do this from Customizer.

Header layouts have option to enable/disable icons

You can also choose padding in header for logo section and enable some additional elements

User Dropdown

If you enabled our login button or icon, after login, user will see dropdown. By default, dropdown has only avatar, name and log out. If your site has vendors, they will see link to their dashboard. if you have Buddypress, they will see link on Profile edit page. Dropdown also show notificators from Buddypress, MyCred points, etc

If you want to add custom items in Dropdown

If you want to hide “Manage your Shop” link in dropdown user menu, use code


If you want to hide Manage your order link for customers, use code

.user-dropdown-intop-menu .user-editorders-link-intop.menu-item {display: none !important;}

you can place this in theme options – general options – custom css

Changing Login and Registration Logic for popup

In many situations you, maybe, need to change logic of popup login/register. The most common case is when you want to use custom register form, custom register emails, etc. For example, for any vendor site or shop, it’s better to send users on Woocommerce registration page. For community sites, it’s better to send users to Buddypress Page. First of all, create your registration pages. Woocommerce default page is /my-account and for Buddypress is /register.

You can find registration page and it’s link for Woocommerce: Settings – Advanced – My account page. For Buddypress:  Settings – Buddypress – Pages. I recommend to edit page and set special Page layout

Next, set custom register URL in  Theme option   User option   Add custom register link . You can still keep login popup for users or you can redirect also login button to your custom page in the same place.

If you have some custom social login plugin, you can take shortcode from plugin and place it in login popup. For this, add shortcode to theme option – user option – Add custom message.

Add custom redirect after login URL. You can also activate redirect after login in  Theme option   User option   Add custom redirect after login URL .

BuddyPress email activation. By default, BuddyPress send activation email for users. You can disable this in  Theme option   User option   Synchronization between login popup and BP . However, for any community site on Buddypress, it’s better to use Registration form of Buddypress than popup registration.

Logged in conditional menu

One more tip. You can change your top menu for logged in users. For example, default menu will be visible for guests, and another menu will be for logged in users. For this, create new menu in  Appearance   Menus  and add it to User Logged In Menu location. Then enable this option:  Theme options   Header and menu   Replace top menu when user logined .

Helper shortcodes

Also, I added additional helper shortcodes which you can use inside Custom areas in header to show some additional links.

[wpsm_is_user]Your content[/wpsm_is_user]

Such content will be visible only for logged in users.

[wpsm_is_guest]Your content[/wpsm_is_guest]

This content is only for guests. More advanced shortcode can be found in article about conditional membership shortcodes for buddypress

Email activation problem

Login modal and register doesn’t send any email confirmation as well as WordPress. But, some plugins can overwrite this option and this will create a problem, because registration popup doesn’t send activation emails, but plugin requires it. Usually, this happens when you install Buddypress.

For Buddypress, you can enable sending email activation from popup
 Theme option   User option   Synchronization between login popup and BP 

If you still have a problems or you want to use custom plugins for activation/registration, you should redirect registration from popup to custom page. Please, check how to do this above

How to add additional fields to Registration form

If you use Buddypress plugin, you can create custom fields for user profiles in Users – Profile fields

Such new fields will be available in User Profile, but you can also populate them in register form. For this, enable option in Theme option – Buddypress option – Add xprofile fields to register modal form?

You can also populate such fields into Woocommerce registration form on My account page. For this, enable option in theme option – shop settings –
Add xprofile fields to register form?