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How automatically assign submitted post to special category

Imagine, that you want to have featured area on your site and you have special role of users on site who have access to form which will publish post to this featured area. Or maybe you want to sell access to such form, so, users will pay for access to submit posts to featured category. So, you need such form, which will automatically assign special category, tag or field to post after submit.

When you use RH Frontend PRO plugin, you will see that all fields have special option “Fallback Value” and “Enabled”. Once you deactivate “Enabled”, such field will be hidden (but still exist). Once you add something to “Fallback Value”, this value will be automatically assigned to submitted post from this form.

For example, you want to assign category “Best” to all posts from Form. So, make Category field as disabled

and Fallback value as ID of category (How to find ID of category)

Instead of category, you can use also fields. For example, if you want to make all posts from form to be marked with Theme badge “Editor’s Choice” you can create field with key is_editor_choice

and set fallback value as 0. After this, you can show featured area on home page which has only posts with Editor’s Choice badge