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How to add quick view option and custom plugin compatibility

Many plugins can add additional function to your woocommerce store. One of such plugin is Quick view button which ads additional button to your product archives. When user clicks on button, he can see quick product modal window without opening full page of product.

Problem is that such plugin uses some woocommerce hooks which are not available in theme. This is because we use our own image resize system which works on fly and much faster than regular woocommerce. So, to add such buttons you need to add some small customization.

First of all, write to author of plugin and ask which function is used to show button. You can also check docs and find shortcode which renders button. Then, do next code examples.

1 example. You need to add function in image container. You know that function to generate button is woo_quick_button(). So, your code will be

add_action('rh_woo_thumbnail_loop', 'add_custom_button_in_woocommerce');
function add_custom_button_in_woocommerce(){
echo woo_quick_button();

if you know shortcode instead function name, you can use next code (for example, shortcode to show button is woo_quick_button)

function add_custom_button_in_woocommerce(){
echo do_shortcode('[woo_quick_button]');

2 example. You want to add button after “add to cart” button of woocommerce. Use the same code, but instead of rh_woo_thumbnail_loop next name rh_woo_button_loop

Where to add this code?

This code must be placed in functions.php of child theme or in RH GrandChild plugin. See details how to customize theme here