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Affiliate Egg plugin

From 4.6 version of theme, Rehub has enhanced support for Affiliate Egg plugin.

Plugin has near 6 templates, but Rehub theme increases this number to 20 different templates (product cart, comparison lists, buttons, carousels, tabbed cart, etc) + 3 custom widget. All theme’s custom templates has postfix [theme], so, use them if you want to have good looking blocks.

Plugin is paid, but you can use coupons to buy it


use them on site

Currently, plugin supports more than 100 supported shops. See list of supported shops.

What is the use of plugin? it parses website and grab price, images, specifications and many other things. It’s useful when you need to auto update prices and parse some good offers from shop which are not available in affiliate networks. Also, some shops are presented in API of networks, but they update prices not too often, have wrong details, etc. Using Affiliate Egg, you have parsers for direct shop pages, so, prices are always fresh.

I recommend also to use Affiliate Egg integration in Content Egg for best results, because in this case you can synchronize prices.

See main differences between plugins

Affiliate Egg integration will work with Lite version of Content Egg, so, you don’t need to buy Content Egg PRO if you need just Affiliate Egg power.

If you want to add any new shop to supported shop list – write to authors of plugin (support(dog)keywordrush.com).

Affiliate Egg doesn’t have price synchronization with posts or products. You must use Affiliate EGG integration for Content Egg and use AE as module for Content Egg. But in some cases you will need direct Post synchronization with AE. For example, if you want to have autoblog of Affiliate Egg. The main difference in autoblog of AE is that it can parse direct category links of shops and make autoupdated deal site, when each your post will have separate offer. In this case you can use our special extension for AE Go to Plugins – Add new and upload plugin and activate. Then, go to Affiliate Egg – settings and enable last option “Save meta to post”. Then, when your post has AE storefront shortcode in content, theme will take price and button from product and will show on homepage