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Dynamic quick comparison

We added our unique comparison functions to theme. It’s working fast, simple and mobile friendly. it can have also multi group feature. You can customize comparison charts, but for most quick setup (without custom comparison), do next steps

First of all, create new page. In page attributes, enable Full width option

Now, add next shortcode in content of page


Go to  Theme option   Dynamic Comparison  and choose there your Comparison page

Comparison widgets

If comparisons is most important part of your site, you can use two widgets which are very useful for comparison sites.

Rehub: Top offer widget can show you some latest or special products. This widget has option to enable Compare Button instead offer

Rehub: Latest Comparison widget shows latest products which were compared on your site by users.

If you need more advanced comparison chart with multi-group sections – read this article

How to disable Comparison option on site

Make sure that you have NO selected pages in Theme option – dynamic comparison and you have NO content in Theme option – dynamic comparison – Assign categories to pages