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How to add report button

If you have deals site, you may need something like button for report from users. For example, for broken links and deals, not correct prices or coupons.

For this, you can use any contact form or frontend form plugin. For example, Fluent Support

When your form is ready, you need to copy shortcode, you can add it to post or product.

For posts – there are many custom code zones. You can find all of them in theme option – ads option – single page. For example, you can add custom code to end of each post.

Next tip is that you don’t need to show whole form, you can use our Popup button shortcode and place form shortcode inside. So, code for this will be

[wpsm_button_popup color="green" max_width="500" btn_text="Report broken link"][yourformshortcode][/wpsm_button_popup]

Don’t forget to change id of form in this code. This code will add next button

You can also use another color for button and size, for example

[wpsm_button_popup color="red" size="small" max_width="500" btn_text="Report broken link"][yourformshortcode][/wpsm_button_popup]

You can find all available options in Popup button module of Page builder

Instead of popup, you can use also code for reveal block. Simply use next

<div class="r_offer_details">
<span class="r_show_hide font90 rehub-main-color">Report broken link or wrong info + </span>
<div class="open_dls_onclk">[contact-form-7 id="2828" title="Untitled"]</div>

It will show link instead button, link will open contact form