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How to use Woocommerce as Catalog and Directory

There are many directory themes and plugins, but, not many people know that woocommerce can be used not only for online shop, but also as Directory. There is one good advantage why you may use Woocommerce for Directory – it’s much more easy to fill it, because woocommerce has own system for attributes (specification), very fast filters, Tabs in Products, Product Gallery, Import/Export and a lot of design templates. All of this is in one plugin, so, you don’t need to install a huge amount of plugins or use heavy themes. Woocommerce is well documented and there is a lot of addons, most of them are free addons.

What is difference between Shop and Directory? Mostly – only one. Shop has “add to cart” button, Directory doesn’t have this.

In Rehub theme, you can go even further, because we have special Product templates, Featured Attribute areas and possibility to disable cart scripts, buttons.

Go to theme options – shop settings and disable buttons and cart

This will delete buttons from archives. Also, you must have header clean from cart icons. If you use “SHop/Comparison Header layout” you can disable cart icon in theme option.

Now, you also must disable add to cart button from Inner page of product. It’s simple. Install this plugin YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode and disable buttons in settings of plugin, you can also disable checkout and cart pages in plugin.

Now, when you create product, you can use powerful attribute system of woocommerce and many features of theme for woocommerce. We also have some product layouts which can be useful for Catalog mode.

Review with Blocks

Full width Photo

Sections with Sidebar

Extended Full width

Compact Product Layout