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How to add Brand/Store archive page

Example of brand page. You can add such pages to posts or to Woocommerce products. Woo products have Brand Taxonomy by default, you can add it in Products – brands.

For Posts, do this with next steps:

  • First of all, enable brand taxonomy in  Theme option   Affiliate   Enable brand taxonomy for posts :

  • Now, you can assign each post to own brand (Affiliate Store) in the same place where you do this for categories and tags
  • You can add logo for each brand in  Posts   Affiliate store  (edit or add new store and add image for logo)
  • You can also add description before and after each brand page in  Posts   Affiliate store 

  • You can also add separate widgets for such pages in  Appearance   Widgets   Deal store archive sidebar . For example, you can add there text widget and place there shortcode:
<div class="pl5">
[wpsm_tax_archive taxonomy="dealstore"  type="logo" limit="" imageheight="50" classcol="col_wrap_fourth"]

This will show logos of all shops in 4 columns

Or use next shortcode if you don’t have logos for Stores

[wpsm_tax_archive taxonomy="dealstore"  type="compact" limit="" classcol="col_wrap_fourth"]

Read more about shortcode to show taxonomies

Dealstore Filter panel

The taxonomy has its own Dealstore Filter panel:

To make it easier for you to understand the filters here is a list of the tabs:

All – all posts in Deal store category like Amazon;

Deals – all posts in the same category which have an affiliate link;

Coupons – all posts in the same category which have a coupon;

Sales – all posts in the same category which have a current sale price and an old price;

Expired – all posts in the same category which have a date attribute and that is expired. For example, the offer is valid until December 25, and today is December 28, therefore the offer is already invalid. It will be shown under this tab.

You can see all these options in Post Editor -> Post Offer section: