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How to add statistic and tracking

All our buttons in theme has special class which can be used to track all clicks.

To simply add and get analytics, install official plugin Google Site Kit After installation, connect to your Analytics account and site inside plugin (you must create analytics account first on https://analytics.google.com/ )

Next, install our bonus plugin RH Link PRO. (old name Rh Cloak Link). You can find it in Rehub – plugins section (you must register theme’s license to get access to all bonus plugins)

Now, go to general settings of plugin and enable Analytics module

Please, note that plugin can also add inner statistic (without Analytics plugin), but this will work only if you enabled also Cloaked module in plugin. Inner statistic works only for buttons from Post offer section. Instead of this, Analytics module can show statistic for all affiliate buttons on site (including Content Egg, Affiliate Egg, woocommerce buttons), so, it’s more recommended. Inner statistic module can be useful if you want to track clicks of registered users on site, because it can show emails of users and their ID (can be useful if you want to add bonuses for active users or get emails)

In Google Analytics ID, you can set also your stream ID. This can be useful if you have several channels (streams) on the same account, so, you can track only special channel. This field is optional. You can leave it empty if you want to track full site.

After you enabled module, it takes near 1 day to collect statistic. You can check your general statistic on page of plugin. To see statistic for clicks of theme’s buttons, go to Behavious – Events in your account in Analytics site. Plugin will create special Event Category “Rehub button clicks”