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WooСommerce affiliate products

Another good way that I really love – using WooCommerce for affiliate products. I am surprised, but many people don’t know that WooCommerce has awesome functions for this. You need only to choose type of product – Affiliate product when you create your WooCommerce product.

For set coupons and different additional data to WooCommerce offer use this section:

How to connect WooCommerce offer to post

And, of course, I add relations between theme and WooCommerce products. This is useful when you want to separate offer pages and reviews.

There are two ways for this. First way is to use shortcode (woobox or woolist) from shortcode generator or visual composer. Second way is assigning WooCommerce post or list of products to post. Difference: second way will add some data to post which allows to use this data in price snippets in post loops

First way – Shortcode generator. Add Classic Editor on page and choose shortcode generator

And choose WooCommerce offer list or WooCommerce offer box, then choose product to insert.

Second way – Connection with post review. Make post as review format, then connect it with product:

Both ways gives you get such block in your post.

Your users can buy product, view specification and photos of product from review page, so they don’t need to do additional click to see your WooCommerce product. Less clicks – more conversion.

You can use use page builder to make post, which will give you much more blocks to control your post content

How to add cloaking of links to WooCommerce external links

It’s easy, just install plugin woocommerce-cloak-affiliate-links.

To be truth, I don’t recommend any clocking links on site.

Printable coupon

Go to  Theme option   Shop settings  and enable Print coupon function there. This will enable additional field in product where you can add image for print. Users can print also simple coupons, without image