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How to add custom section, second title or description in post

Very common question from our buyers – how to add custom section in post. For example, second title or description. This is easy. You need 3 steps.

  1. Use any plugin for creating Meta panels in posts. For example, one of popular and free plugin ACF Create your additional section. Be sure that you use simple field type, like textarea or textbox. Copy key of your custom meta field
  2. Go to theme option – ads option and use our special shortcode wpsm_custom_meta which allows to get data of custom field. For example, if you need to get value of custom field “secondtitle”, use
    [wpsm_custom_meta field="secondtitle"]
  3. Add some formatting with help of our helper classes

For example, if you want to make text as grey color, use

<div class="greycolor">[wpsm_custom_meta field="secondtitle"]</div>

To make it bigger font, bold and with custom font family

<div class="font130 fontbold rehub-main-font">[wpsm_custom_meta field="secondtitle"]</div>

to make it with main color of theme (which you choose in theme option – appearance)

<div class="rehub-main-color">[wpsm_custom_meta field="secondtitle"]</div>

To make it with margin at bottom

<div class="mb25">[wpsm_custom_meta field="secondtitle"]</div>