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How to save Google Fonts to local storage for GDPR

There are many discussions about Google font violation of GDPR rules. I think that they don’t violate, but, maybe you want to save Google fonts on site to be 100% compatible with GDPR (Theme also doesn’t save cookie, real IP and loads FontAwesome from local storage, so, other things are compatible with GDPR)

First of all, if you don’t use any custom fonts in Theme option – Font Options, you can just enable Local inner storage fonts in Theme option – Font option. That’s all, fonts will be from theme folder. This will work from 7.6 theme version

But what if you want to use another, not default fonts.

First of all, disable default fonts in theme option – font option, then, Assign Custom fonts as usual. Now, you must upload font to your site. For this, go to site and choose fonts which you want to use on site, the same fonts as you enabled in theme option – font options.

Site will give you css and download link. Download files. Unzip folder on your computer and rename it, for example as “fonts”. Upload this folder to root folder of your site by FTP or file manager on hosting. Now, set your real url to folder on your site. For example, if i upload folder with fonts to my site https://wpsoul.com, i need to place link https://wpsoul.com/fonts/ in this field

Now, you can copy this css styles code and place it inside Theme option – general – custom css